Publisher: Lead City University

Entrepreneurship Education In Teacher Education: A Means of Wealth Creation

Ekima, Ajibaene Frank Oputu, Oguntunde, Abidemi Suleman
KEYWORDS: Entrepreneurship, educational technology, teacher education


The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is soaring high. Even more disturbing is the frustration and restlessness it breeds among the youths especially graduates. The Teacher Education landscape is also not spared of this high unemployment rate. Innovative strategies need to be developed that cater specifically for the entrepreneurship educational needs of students. The higher institutions need to provide practical training in entrepreneurship to their students, to make them more aware of the benefits of entrepreneurship and to address the factors that impact on developing entrepreneurial education. This paper focuses on tackling unemployment for graduate teacher through the use of information and communication technology (ICT) as a tool for developing learning resources for schools, and; as means of wealth creation. The paper therefore recommends among others that trainee teachers be given quality practical training in educational technology course as a means of skills development in learning materials production and establishing self-employment and entrepreneurship mentality in students during the academic year.

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