Publisher: Lead City University

Personal and Socio-Economic Factors and Women’S Participation In The Administrative and Planning Process In Nigerian Universities

Ileuma, Senimetu
KEYWORDS: Personal, socio-economic, women participation, administrative, planning, Nigeria universities


Investigations into factors that affect the administrative and planning process on women participation in Nigerian universities have attracted the interest and concern of researchers, university administrators, educational planners and stakeholders in educational sector in Nigeria. Different factors are capable of influencing the administrative and planning process of women participation such as home-school conflict, professional leadership style and financial constraints. One research question was posed and four research hypotheses were formulated while a total number of 120 female administrators and planners were randomly sampled from four (4) public universities in Nigeria. A questionnaire was designed and used to collect data from the sampled respondents. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Co-efficient and multiple regressions were used to analyze the collected data at 0.05 level of significance. The result shows that there was a significant relationship among professional leadership styles, home-school conflicts and financial constraint at 0.543; 0.467 and 0.515 respectively and women’s participation in administrative and planning process in Nigerian public universities. It is, therefore, recommended that women should gain leadership experience on how to organize themselves better for effective contribution towards administrative and planning processes in Nigerian universities.

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