Publisher: Covenant University

Youth Unrest In The Niger Delta Region: An Insight Into The Causes and Solutions

Edigin, Lambert Uyi (ph.d)
KEYWORDS: Oil Wealth, Niger Delta, Multinational, Youth, Environmental Degradation


The Niger Delta region constitutes a sizeable population of such states as Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers, Edo and the Cross Rivers states respectively.  This is where the bulk of the nation‘s oil wealth is derived.  In spite of this, the region has had to deal with a long period of environmental degradation, military attacks and intimidations, extortions by the multinational oil companies aided by the state apparatus.  All these led to the Kaiama Declaration of December 11, 1998 where the youth of the area sought for a full and total control of the proceeds of the resources from the region.  This degenerated into an open conflict between the youth and the federal government resulting in mass killings, maiming, destruction of properties and dehumanization of an unimaginable proportion.  This paper examines the political, economic, environmental and other issues arising form the oil exploratory activities of the multinational companies and the attendant restiveness of the youth in the region and suggests possible and enduring solution to the crisis.  

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