Publisher: African Democracy Network

Development Question In Nigeria: An Investigation On The Tiv People of Quaan-Pan Local Government Area of Plateau State.

John Tor Tsuwa
KEYWORDS: Settlement Patterns, Peace, Development, Migration, Conflict


In the recent years, the Nigerian nation, has witnessed severe security challenges which have resulted to conflicts which in turn have exacerbated the development question of the country. Many factors have been deduced as been responsible for this phenomenon. This paper examines this phenomenon using both primary and secondary data and analyzing the data using the central settlement theory. The paper discovers that the Tiv people of Quaan-Pan Local Government Area of Plateau state are faced with high security challenge from their neighbours and herders because of the nature of their settlement pattern which is segmented in nature. It also discovers that the same settlement pattern has affected development not only as a result of the conflicts that lead to the destruction of developmental efforts but also as it makes it difficult to attract development to the area. To resolve this problematic and to ensure peace and development in the area, this paper recommends the establishment of semi- urban and urban centers by the Tiv people. This paper believes that this strategy will reduce the danger of the Tiv people been vulnerable to attacks and will also ensure collective development for the area thereby ensuring social inclusion of all in the Nigerian project.

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