Publisher: African Democracy Network

Governance, Corruption and Crisis of Development In Post-Independence Nigeria

Jaja Nwanegbo, Jude Odigbo
KEYWORDS: Governance; Corruption; Crisis of Development; Nigeria.


The paper examines the interplay of governance, corruption and development as the greatest undoing of the Nigerian State. Poor governance and corruption have immensely hindered sustainable development and can be fairly described as being mostly responsible for development crisis that has engulfed Nigerian state. The paper explains the connection between good governance and viable democratic institutions as a means for extricating Nigeria from the present development crisis. It notes the need to strengthen the anti-corruption crusades with clear mandate to the anti-graft agencies to avert undue influence of the executive arm of government. The paper relies on the sequential analytic approach in data analysis and adopted good governance model as a theoretical compass. It recommends stiffer penalties and strong democratic institutions capable of “just application” of rules as deterrence to corrupt practices. Similarly, we advocate for radical re-orientation and development of self consciousness to instigate the emergence of a vibrant civil society that will make leaders act responsibly in the discharge of their duties.

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