Publisher: Covenant University

A Survey of Cryptographic and Stegano-Cryptographic Models For Secure Electronic Voting System

Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail, Arulogun Oladiran Tayo, Omidiora Elijah Olusayo, Okediran Oladotun Olusola
KEYWORDS: Keywords: Authentication, E-Voting, Confidentiality, Cryptography, Security, Steganography, Image.


The success rate of an electronic voting system in electronic decision making is dependent on security, authenticity and integrity of pre-electoral, electoral and post electoral phases of the electioneering process. Various Information Security and Privacy Technologies including steganography, cryptography, and combination of both as well as watermarking have been formulated in literatures to make e-democratic decision through e-voting systems to be fair and credible. In this paper, we present a survey of existing cryptographic and steganocryptographic schemes in securing e-voting systems. We established critical security requirements for secure e-voting systems for all phases of the electioneering processes, formulated an adaptable conceptual framework for secure e-voting systems for developing countries and proposed a multilayer, multi- domain and multimedia model for electronic voting system for the delivery of fair, transparent, better participatory and credible elections in future edemocratic dispensation in developing countries with significant digital divides.  

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