Publisher: Covenant University

Journalists Perception of Brown Envelope Syndrome and Its Implications For Journalism Practice In Nigeria

Nnanyelugo Okoro, Ph. D., Blessing Chinweobo-onuoha
KEYWORDS: Brown envelope syndrome, Ethics, Professionalism, Media, Journalists, Nigeria


This study examined journalists‟ perception of the brown envelope syndrome and its implication for journalism practice in Nigeria. It surveyed some selected journalists as well as interviewed other journalism practitioners to reach the conclusion that greed is the major cause of the brown envelope syndrome in Nigeria. The paper also noted that this ignoble practice influences journalism practice negatively as some important issues are downplayed while unimportant ones are exaggerated in a bid to satisfy the givers of these brown envelopes. The paper concludes that giving and/or accepting of brown envelopes is corrupt and unprofessional conduct that must be punished and stopped. It therefore recommended that media professional bodies should be serious in maintaining ethics in the media industry by sanctioning defaulting journalists and by so doing, ensure highest professional conduct of members in all situations.  

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