Publisher: Covenant University

Skilled Artisanal Availability In The Ghanaian Construction Industry

Offei–nyako, K., Osei–tutu, E., Fugar, F. D. K, E. Adinyira
KEYWORDS: Skilled artisanal scarcity, skilled artisans, Ghanaian construction industry, Aggravating factors


The issue of skilled artisanal scarcity is not a current one. It dates as far back as the two world wars. This paper   premised on the observation of the unavailability of skillful artisans in the Ghanaian Construction Industry (GCI).  The objective of the study was to identify the factors aggravating the skilled artisanal scarcity in Ghana. Using relative important indices as the main statistical analysis tool, the following factors have been identified as the most important factors causing the scarcity situation : Irregular and low remuneration, low motivation, the lack of interest by the youth to take up trades like masonship and carpentry as professions, varying working conditions and technological advancements. The study recommends that an Association of Ghanaian Construction Artisans (AGCA) as a regulatory body to promote the welfare of its members in other to address the issues raised by this study.

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