Publisher: Covenant University

Professional Project Management Practices and Its Constraints In Developing African Countries: A Literature Review

Ernest Kissi, Samuel Kwame Ansah
KEYWORDS: Professional Project Management Practices, Developing African Countries, Project Management


The lack of Professional Project Management Practices (PPMP) particularly in developing countries has led to low productivity and poor quality of work. Though professional project management is an evolving discipline, the application of effective construction project management techniques in many developing countries still constitute a serious challenge. This research therefore seeks to ascertain, through literature, factors affecting the professional project management practice in developing African countries. The study identified lack of knowledge, high bureaucratic, political, and economic constraints, leadership, and organisation culture, misunderstanding of the PM concepts, and lack of appropriate software as the emerging constraints to the development of professional project management practices. Finally, PPMP require a broad knowledge base and skills. The need for organizational learning and more rigorous training for managers and staff are thereby recommended   

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