Publisher: Covenant University

Housing Quality of Residential Neighbourhoods In Nigeria: Focus On Low Density Areas of Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State

Agabi Jechoniah, Odekunle Jokotade Folasade
KEYWORDS: Housing quality, low density residential areas, infrastructure and facilities


 Low density residential areas in Birnin Kebbi are distinct from other residential zones because of the high status of the residents, the nature of materials used in construction and the amount of space designated for housing purposes. This study aims at examining the quality of low density residential areas in Birnin Kebbi. 353 households were surveyed across 6 locations employing cluster sampling technique in order to generate data on the physical, social and economic characteristics of households. 1/3 of the households across all the locations were randomly taken to make up the sample size.The analysis revealed that residents of low density zone are predominantly people of high status. The occupation of householders served as basis for establishing status. It was assumed that the status of a person translates into his earning, which also influence his choice of location and type of housing to reside. It was observed that most residents of low density residential areas live in housing with considerable facilities that could pass for a qualitative housing at a glance. The study also revealed flagrant disregard to provisions of development control standards.  The condition of the general surrounding of the low density neigbourhoods under study allow for the conclusion that low density residential areas also exhibit inadequate housing.  Based on the findings of the study suitable recommendations were made. 

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