Publisher: Womens Health and Action Research Centre (wharc)

Factors Influencing Gender Based Violence Among Men and Women In Selected States In Nigeria

Oladepo O., Yusuf O. B., Arulogun O. S.
KEYWORDS: Physical violence, Sexual violence, Nigeria


This study determined the factors associated with gender based violence among 3000 men and women in selected states in Nigeria. Respondents who had experienced physical violence were 806(26.9%), comprising 353(11.8%) males and 453(15.1%) females (p<0.001).  Respondents who had experienced sexual violence were 364 (12.1%) of which 221 (7.4%) were males and 143(4.8%) were females (p<0.0001). Married female respondents were more likely to experience physical violence than single respondents (OR= 1.71, 95%CI: 1.15-2.53 p=0.008). In addition, lower risk of experiencing sexual violence among males was observed among those who do not drink alcohol. The study has shown that gender based violence still constitutes a problem in Nigeria, affecting women more than men.  However, efforts should be geared towards addressing the factors that promote violence among both sexes through increased awareness and education

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