Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Assessment of The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility On Staff’S Effectiveness In Airtel Nigeria

Idowu O. Ologeh, Temitope O. Olorunfemi, Ilevbare Oluwatosin
KEYWORDS: Corporate Social Responsibility, Airtel Nigeria, Employee effectiveness, Internal Communication, Staff’s wellbeing


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) integrates major areas of an organisation, including community, environment, ethics, workforce, human rights, responsibility in the market, vision and values and workplace. Much work has been done on the organization giving back to the environment and community; however other areas are rarely covered. The workforce is one of the major stakeholders of an organisation; it is an internal part of it and can either promote or tarnish the CSR image of the organization. Staff are part of an organizations’ CSR success and this paper assesses the impact of Airtel Nigeria’s CSR on staff’ effectiveness and satisfaction at work. Structured questionnaires are administered to forty randomly selected staffs and two managers are interviewed from the two founding branches of the organization. The study shows that majority (57.5%) of the respondents do not understand the meaning of CSR; they see it as the organization being charitable and thus find it difficult to accept it affects their effectiveness and performance at work. However, Airtel Nigeria did not relent in their CSR duties to staff and community. Thus the organization should provide effective CSR training and communication to enlighten their workforce on their CSR activities for staff.

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