Publisher: African Democracy Network

Crisis Management and The Role of Some Ecowas States In West Africa

Akeem Ayanda Araba, Emmanuel Remi Aiyede, Phd., Idowu Adetayo Johnson, Phd.
KEYWORDS: Conflict, Management, Resolution, ECOWAS and Electoral Process.


Conflict is inevitable in all human relation, but it is not always desirable, nor is it always profitable. When not managed properly, the cost in human lives, properties, political, socioeconomic opportunities could be disproportionate with the desired outcome. This paper seeks to address the role of some ECOWAS member states in crisis management in the West African subregion. The paper investigates the nature and character of African conflicts and also discusses thelink between conflict management and conflict resolution .The linkage theoretical perspective is adopted for the study in order to determine the problem. The paper, therefore, recommends that ECOWAS needs to work closely with the Civil Society and Non-governmental Organizations in their efforts to manage conflict. There should be a political will on the part of the African leaders.With political will, sheer rhetoric can truly be transformed into reality. Government in the subregion must also learn to show neutrality in conflict. West African leaders must be prepared to truly integrate without necessarily surrendering the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their individual states.

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