Publisher: University of Port-harcourt Teaching Hospital

Energy Saving Bulbs: An Emerging Threat To Public Health, From Mercury Contamination of The Environment

Best Ordinioha
KEYWORDS: Energy Saving Bulbs: An Emerging Threat to Public Health, from Mercury Contamination of the Environment


Energy saving bulbs are promoted for their efficiency and capacity to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, the acknowledged cause of global warming and climate change. They however contain varying quantity of mercury that can easily contaminate the environment. Mercury is a neuro-toxin, but damages have also been reported in the kidney, skin and the cardiovascular system. There is therefore an urgent need to emphasize the safe disposal of the energy-saving bulbs as their use increase in Nigeria. Recycling programme should be institutionalized, with the active participation of the manufacturers and importers of the bulbs; while education programme should be mounted on the handling and safe disposal of broken bulbs.

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