Publisher: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

The 2015 Deadline For Digitization of Broadcasting and Awareness/Knowledge Ratio Among Information Workers In Port Harcourt

Godwin B. Okon, Walter C. Ihejirika
KEYWORDS: Awareness, Digitization, Information, workers, Knowledge, Migration


   This study sought to investigate how enlightened and knowledgeable information workers in Port Harcourt metropolisare with regard to the procedures for the actualization of the 2015targetfor full digitization of television broadcasting.Significance was drawn from the presupposition that information workers ought to know these very details in order tomultifariously diffuse enlightenment to the general public.The peculiarities of the study necessitated survey. A samplesize of 330 was drawn using Yamane's formula; with the questionnaire as the instrument. Respondents were selectedusing the systematic sampling technique guided by a table of random digits. Findings revealed a fairly low level ofawareness (46%) concerning the 2015 deadline and a complete lack of knowledge (8%) on the details and dynamics ofthe digital migration exercise. By inference,the key ingredients of awareness and knowledge seem to be grossly lackingin the chain of public information strategy of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). It was thereforerecommended that there should be an upscale in capacity building as a form of training the trainers (TOT) with a view toensuring a strong knowledge base among information workers so as to facilitate a seamless word of mouth acculturation.

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