Publisher: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

Online Marketing: Measuring The Performance of Some Nigerian Professionals Against Standard Professional Practices

Obiageli P. Ohiagu
KEYWORDS: Advertising, Internet, Nigerian Professional, Online marketing, Public relations


   If corporate promotional messages must reach their target audience, then the Internet which is fast becoming the sourceof news, education and entertainment for many people must be deployed for strategic communication. In a precedingstudy this researcher strived to establish if the studied Nigerian professionals use the Internet for public relations andadvertising practice. On affirmation that they do, a further examination was made to unveil the manner in which they doso and possible factors  that could impinge on their ability to use the medium maximally for business activities.The focusof this part of the research is to measure their performance against international professional practices of onlinemarketing, in order to ascertain the extent and quality of their usage of the Internet for the same purpose.A sample of 165Nigerian public relations and advertising professionals were interviewed on their application of the Internet for businessactivities.Findings revealed that online marketing as practiced by the group fall grossly below standard practices. MostInternet features-such as e-mail, social media, blogs, the Web,etc. are applied either minimally or differently from theirstandard usage for online marketing.Training of the Nigerian professionals was therefore,recommended.

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