Publisher: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

An Analysis of Uses and Gratifications of Nigerian Video Films Among Youths In Fort Harcourt Metropolis

Hyacinth C. Orlu-orlu
KEYWORDS: Nigerian video films, Port Harcourt, Uses and gratifications, Youths


 The environment where one finds oneself exerts some influence on one's behaviour depending on the degree of firmnessof one's character. This study thus sought to determine the factors that gratify the youths in Port Harcourt, in theNigerian video films to which they expose themselves and the uses to which they put the films. To accomplish thisobjective, a 17-item structured questionnaire was used to investigate Port Harcourt youths' uses and gratifications ofthe Nigerian video films. From an estimated population of the youths, asampleof500 subjects was drawn for the surveyresearch. Findings showed,among other things, that the most important uses and gratifications of home video amongPort Harcourt youths were entertainment and relaxation; and that Port Harcourt youths' most preferred setting and timefor watching films were the family and in the evening respectively. From the findings and conclusion of the study it wasrecommended that youths should be encouraged to continue shunning explicit sexual behaviors and religioushypocrisy transmitted in the films and that youths must not be allowed to watch films at odd hours and at suspicioussettings lest they take advantage of their privacy to gratify themselves with anti-social values.

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