Publisher: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

Swarm Intelligence: Convergence and Citizen Participation In Channels Television Nigeria

Sarah Chidiebere Joe
KEYWORDS: Swarm Intelligence, Citizen Participation, Convergence, Umpire, Liquid Modernity


 Riding on the wings of globalization and the attendant technological advancements currently witnessed, the relationshipbetween news producers and audience members have been largely altered. This study revolved around the democraticparticipant. Habermas' public sphere and swarm theories; it investigated the place of convergence-enabled citizenparticipation, over a two-week period, in eight programmes aired by Channels Television (CTV). Nigeria. Findings froma qualitative content analysis method indicated that CTV has in place multi-dimensional citizen participation platformsacross all the programmes, which facilitates collaboration between professionals and audience, resulting in improvedcontent quality and credibility. The result also showed that while participants were granted access to most of the newsproduction processes, the selection and filtering (S&F) process was open only to the umpires. This also meant thatalthough CTV cannot be tagged a smart business network at present, due to this restriction on the S&F process; thestation was edging towards emerging as a smart business organization.

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