Publisher: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

Proverbs In The Service of Humanity: The Case of Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State

Barigbon Gbara Nsereka
KEYWORDS: Proverbs, Humanity, Khana LGA, Rivers State, Development


Concerned for the dwindling fortunes of social development and a seemingly declining interest in cultural affairs in Khana Local Government Area (KHALGA) of Rivers State, this study set out to examine the place of proverbs, an important ingredient of oramedia (a coinage for traditional communication) in the service of humanity, with a focus on KHALGA. To accomplish this objective, this survey search drew a sampleof400 subjects from the Khana population of 311,144 - using the Taro Yamane's formula for determining sample size- to participate in the study. The data generated by a 21-item structured questionnaire were analyzed using frequency distribution tables, percentages and weighted mean scores(WMS).  findings showed that the people of Khana are aware of the functionality of existing proverbs and also happily use them; that of these proverbs that have wide applicability across communities in Khana area, and the people know the ones most commonly used in the L.G.A. It was also found that proverbs are used to publicize development messages; to crack jokes that evoke health-enhancing laughter; to enliven messages during discourses on communal development; and to teach moral lessons. The study concluded that there are well-known proverbs in Khana that can be used to enrich messages and used to publicize events and disseminate development messages. It was then recommended, among other things,that for peace and sustainable development to be the lot of the people, proverbs should be used to spice messages that can bring about educational advancement, sports development, good health, cultural re-awakening and security.

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