Publisher: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

Morality In Democratic Governance Through The Youths: The Mass Media As Facilitator

Hyacinth Chimene Orlu-orlu
KEYWORDS: Good governance, corruption, mass media, youths, democracy


The quest for change of leadership in Nigeria has been bedeviled by a spiral of silence. This is to the extent that attempting to drive change is seen as asocial aberration. Unfortunately, this notion has driven the youths to a state of indifference in the political process of the country. Over time, they have had to see politics and leadership as a game for the adults. Politicians have a feast on this erroneous notion and have continued to perpetrate fraud in high and low places.This paper therefore argues that the media must strive to create a strong platform for the youths to prepare for as well as show their interest in meaningful participation in the political process while indicting corrupt politicians. As social engineers, they can contribute a great deal towards value re-orientation and good governance. Concluding, the paper reiterates that corruption is bad and that the media must continue to condemn the vice, contending that where journalists cease to deify corrupt politicians, the tide of corruption would be checked. Urging the media to continue being at the forefront of the on going anti-corruption campaign, it recommends that public officers who have been found to be corrupt must be made to face the full wrath of the law as doing so will not only serve as a deterrent to other politicians, but will also provide a moral lesson to the youths. The paper thus calls on the current government of President Muhammadu Buhari whose hands are now on the plow of making co

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