Publisher: Womens Health and Action Research Centre (wharc)

Prevalence of Gardnerella Vaginalis In Pregnant Nigerian Women

Jib Adinma, Nr Okwoli, Agbai, N Unaeze
KEYWORDS: Gardnerella vaginalis, prevalence, Nigeria, pregnant women


The prevalence of Gardnerella vaginallis in the genital tract of 253 pregnant Nigerian women was 17.0% (43). The highest prevalence occurred among women aged 16-20 years (26%) while the lowest occurred among those aged 31-35 years (13%). Women aged 30 years and below had an overall prevalence of 18.2% while those above 30 years had a prevalence rate of 12.7%. This difference was not significant ( x^2  = 0.66; p = 0.42). There was a decline in the prevalence rate of G. vaginallis with increasing gestational age being 18.2% for pre-term gestational age ( i.e., below 37 weeks) and 120% for term gestational age (37-42weeks), although the difference was also not significant (x^2 2-1.13; p>0.5. Similarly, a non-significant decline in the prevalence of Gardnerella vaginallis occurred with increasing parity from 19% in the primigravida to 6.5% in the grandmultipara (x^2.2 ~ 2.81; p = 0.24). No definite trend occurred in the prevalence of G. vaginallis in the social class (x^2.2-3.2; p = 0.525). The pattern of prevalence of Gardnerella vaginallis in the genital tract in pregnancy suggests an indirect relationship with pregnancy sexuality, which needs to be corroborated with further larger studies. (Afr J Reprod Health2001; 5[l]:50-55)

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