Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Awareness, Perceived Ease and Use of Electronic Information Resources By Undergraduates of Private Universities In Oyo State, Nigeria

Uloma Doris Onuoha, Ojo Adebowale, Gbenga O. Adetunla
KEYWORDS: Electronic information resources, awareness of electronic information resources, use of electronic information resources, undergraduates, private universities.


This study examined awareness, perceived ease of use and use of electronic information resources (EIRs) by undergraduate students in private universities in Oyo State, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and questionnaire was used for data collection. The findings of the study revealed that the undergraduate students are aware of the available electronic resources in the universities, the Internet resources and online databases are the most used EIRs. However, EIRs were perceived as complex, non-flexible and difficult to use. The findings of the study indicated a positive relationship between students' awareness and use of EIRs. A positive relationship was also found to exist between perceived ease of use anduse of EIRs. The study recommended that libraries should create awareness services through email alert and also provide technical support and training to ensure optimal use ofEIRs by undergraduate students.

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