Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Nigeria’S Education Dream In The Wake of Vision 20 – 2020

Azuka F. N. God’spresence, Emily Oghale God’spresence
KEYWORDS: Information Communication Technology (ICT), Nigeria’s Education Dream in the Wake of Vision 20 – 2020


The instrumentality of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has gained much accentuation with the wake of globalization in the 21st Century A.D. Information Communication Technologies, no doubt, make a veritable pack of tools and expertise necessary for accelerated economic, educational, technological and rapid social system development. ICT’s viable database and databank resource pool  facilitates learning, scientific research, as well as aid educational goals attainment. At age 50 of nationhood, Nigeria ought to earn a place among comity of developed nations because of her early education histories, abundant natural and human capital resources. This paper is to explore the possibility of Nigeria becoming a member ofthe first 20 largest economies globally by the year 2020. By the stipulations of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG), Nigeria ought to attain literacy for all by 2015. Only a well-articulated, aggressive ICT culture can get the country to her target dreams. Nigeria must pursue an educational philosophy that will meet our local needs and can compete favourably with international standards: this is only feasible through the doctrines of ICT. ICT will provide our educational system with functional literacy, scientific, technical and data-based structure, standards and profiling. ICT culture in our educational system will pave way for computer-assisted learning, online education, e-banking, e-marketing and exchange, and will enhance distant education. ICT’s prodigy is evident in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), which is being used by about 60% of Nigerians. Finally, digitalization is the possibility of ICT and we would experience economic spur through ICT.

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