Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

An Assessment of The Impact of Rhetorics In Pharmaceutical Products Advertisements On Mass Transit Buses In Nigeria

Faustinus Ginikanwa Nwachukwu
KEYWORDS: Impact, Rhetorics, Pharmaceutical Products, Advertisements, Mass Transit Buses, Nigeria


This paper assesses the impact of rhetorics in pharmaceutical products advertisement on mass transit bases in Nigeria. It also investigates the discourse strategies used to grip the attention and command the interest of the mass transit bus passengers and the persuasive techniques the advertiser used to create desire, provoke and inspire action in them. It as well assessed whether there are some other factors other than rhetoric that is responsible for the spontaneous purchase of theses pharmaceutical products in spite of NAFDAC’s warning on the dangers of such behavior. It was discovered that the rhetoric of advertising these products do actually exact great influence on the purchase of pharmaceutical products on mass transit buses in Nigeria. It was also observed that the discourse strategies adopted in this performance are ill-motivated and geared towards fraudulent tendencies. In consideration of the dangers inherent in this performance to the health of the unsuspecting buyers of these pharmaceutical products, the study recommends that NAFDAC and other concerned agencies should intensify efforts to sensitise Nigerians on this social menace and to work hard towards its eradication.

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