Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

The Human Destiny & The Ontological Question: A Metaphysical & Ethical Consideration

Peter Z. Alawa, Chiedu A. Onyiloha
KEYWORDS: Humanity, Destiny, Ontology, Philosophy, Metaphysis, Ethics


Human destiny poses metaphysical and ethical problems that continue to disturb the minds of poets, philosophers, ethicists and theologians from the ancient to the contemporary era. This is because some people believe that one’s destiny can be changed or stolen; others say what will be will be, particularly Jean-Paul Sartre believed that human destiny is in the hands of human beings and this is problematic. This paper is a response to the above views because today, there is a better understanding of human destiny. Human destiny in today’s world means God’s will, purpose which is to be accomplished through human’s will and actions. This work’s contribution to knowledge is that human destiny requires freedom that should be consistent with ethical principles for authentic existence. The methodology employed in this research is textual analysis through metaphysical and ethical prisms. It takes a critical look at the works written on destiny and determinism in order to see how one can understand what is human destiny as it is different from the notion of scientific determinism.

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