Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

Registers, Terminologies and Metalanguage: The Nexus of Vocabulary Development

Sheila I. Njemanze
KEYWORDS: Registers, Terminologies, Metalanguage, Vocabulary Development


The power of expression and comprehension are built on a language user’s familiarity with words and ability to use same. Hence performance in casual communication and professional discourse can be impeded by lexical barrier. This is one of the major challenges that confront learners. The problem includes the sort posed by a teacher’s use of unavoidable jargon in lesson delivery. Related to this is the question of an ill-expressed idea. This paper reviews some old and new methods of vocabulary development employed both inside and outside the field of learning. Though each method has its merits, it concludes that deliberate study is the panacea for unsuccessful learning particularly in higher education. A vocabulary-friendly teaching approach will also provide the essential support for a learner to achieve effective expressive or communicative ability across disciplines. The paper does not include the deliberate use of words to confuse rather than enlighten an audience as in esoteric materials.

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