Publisher: University of Port Harcourt

‘Don’T Let It Die’: Indigenous and Indigenised Language In Selected African Literary Works In English

Gabriel A. Osoba
KEYWORDS: Indigenous/indigenised language, African Literary works, Stylistics, endangerment, cultural values


This paper is an attempt to identify, analyse and discuss the use of indigenous and indigenised language in selected African creative works in English. It is intended in the paper to demonstrate that the deployment of indigenous and indigenised language to transmit and reinforce message in African literary texts of English expression is a way of saving indigenous languages from endangerment and preserving the cultural values embedded in them. The analysis is carried out within a stylistic orientation that considers style as choice. To enhance the survival of indigenous language, new African writers, especially in colonial languages are encouraged to incorporate indigenous/indigenized language in their creative efforts; in spite of the pervading, choking influence of modernity and globalisation. The use of indigenous/indigenised items would also enhance rather than inhibit the communicative and aesthetic appeal of African literary works.

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