Publisher: African Studies Association

External Economic Exploitation In The Drc: 1990–2005

Patience Kabamba
KEYWORDS: External Economic Exploitation in the DRC: 1990–2005


In his conclusion to his seminal book, Politics in the Congo (1965), Crawford Young wrote the following:Belgium … constructed in Africa a colonial state which stood out by the thoroughness of its organization, the formidable accretion of power through an interlocking alliance of state, church, and capital, and the ambition of its economic and social objectives. The very strength of the system as a colonial structure, and its steadfast refusal to face effectively the problem of political adaptation until it began to disintegrate, made an ordered transfer of power peculiarly difficult. A colonizer who suddenly lost the profound conviction of the righteousness of his policy was confronted with a revolution by the colonized which lacked both structure and ideology. Total colonialism was replaced by total independence virtually overnight, yet the very completeness of the victory of the colonized had as its concomitant an impotence which emptied success of its substance. (1965:572)

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