Publisher: Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Strategic Human Resource Development and Entrepreneurial Sustainability In Nigeria

Mercy E. I. Ogbari, Imoleayo Foyeke Obigbemi, Atolagbe Tolulope, Ojo Ibiyinka Stella
KEYWORDS: Human resource, training, development, entrepreneurship


The process in which opportunities are ceased, exploited and harnessed into transformable products and services for societal/economic transformation which translates into wealth acquisition is a vital aspect of entrepreneurial operations requiring the service of an equipped human resource force to drive and sustain. This study examined the effect of strategic human resource development on entrepreneurial sustainability. Four relevant hypotheses were formulated. The study is based on data collected from PZ plc. Lagos, Nigeria.Research questionnairewas administered to a sample size of 230. Data collected were analyzed using Pearson correlation and regression analysis. Findings show thatentrepreneurial technological training has effect on customer patronage, employees` interpersonal training has effect on sales volume and entrepreneurialcross cultural training has significant effect on product quality. Based on the findings, it is recommended that organizations should appreciate strategic human resource training and development policies of their enterprise as an asset that should be taken earnestly, on it lies the bulk of wealth that comes into the enterprise.

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