Publisher: Transcampus Interdisciplinary Research and Study Group

Management of Nigeria External Debt (MNED) and Economic Growth

Rasheed A. Oyedeji, Olusola O. Olubukunola
KEYWORDS: Exchange rate, debt management, economic growth, debt relief


The research is to analyze Nigeria external debt management and economic growth from 1980-2012. Despite the activities of the government to manage and minimize the growing rate of external debt and its negative effect on economic growth. In the last three decades, very low impact was made, but with the return of civilian rule in 1999. The study is therefore set out to investigate empirically the impact of external debt management on economic growth in Nigeria using ordinary least square regression approach. The study shows that debt contribute significantly to real gross domestic product during the period under consideration in the same vein, the calculate t for exchange rate (2.60) is also greater than critical t of 1.71. This indicates that exchange rate contribute significantly to the real gross domestic product during the period under consideration.

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