Publisher: University of Calabar

An Analysis of The Political Economy Characteristics of The Nigerian State

Okon J. Umoh
KEYWORDS: Governance, Bureaucracy, Democracy, Development


The Nigerian state emerged in 1914 as a British colonial enclave when the Northern and Southern regions were amalgamated. Although the country gained cosmetic political independence in1960 it remains tied to the apron strings of the more advanced west economically and politically till date. Today Nigerian remains a bureaucratic neo-colonial state, which maintains the joint order of absentee imperialist investors and the local bourgeoisie. In terms of typology Nigeria falls within the category of autonomous predatory democracy aiming to maximize rent siphoning. Its governance has been dominated by military elites over time with soft constraint and guided deregulation as the base tool of economic management. To move this nation forward, we advocate good governance, economic transformation, and end to corruption, welfarist internationalism for global solidarity as well as broad based participation of all indecision-making.

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