Publisher: Transcampus Interdisciplinary Research and Study Group

Infrastructure For Tourism and Hospitality : A Tool For Employment Creation In Lagos State

Metilelu Olumide Olusola
KEYWORDS: road infrastructure, electricity, tourism, hospitality, employment


The strategic nature of Lagos as the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, demand that quality hotels, tourism and leisure facilities are provided for the comfort of tourists. The tourism sector and hospitality sector in Nigeria exhibits high level of potential in creating jobs and employment, however the industry is faced with the critical challenge of infrastructure that will enable the industry to attain the level at which the industry will be attractive enough to generate employment. The study noted that electricity generation and road infrastructure is essential for the development of the sector and the ongoing power sector privatizaton in the country should be fully implemented while massive investment on road construction in Lagos State will also facilitate the development of the sector. The study concludes that investments in infrastructure will not only impact on the tourism and hospitality sector but will compliment other allied sector in the generation of employment and job creation in Lagos State.

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