Publisher: Ecoserve Publishers

Air Quality Studies of Eket Zone of Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

M. P. Ekanim, E. I. Udoessien
KEYWORDS: Acid rain, gas flaring, sea salt, atmospheric pollution


The Niger Delta region in southern Nigeria faces pollution problems due to gas flared at the tank farms, flow stations and gas emissions from automobiles. Air and precipitation studies were carried out for Eket zone of the Niger Delta; this comprises Eket, Esit Eket, Ibeno and Onna local government areas in Akwa Ibom State. The concentration of Carbon (iv) oxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane, volatile organic carbons and particulate matters were enough to be measured while nitrogen (iv) oxide and sulphur (iv) oxide could not be detected in the air by measuring instrument. Studies showed that the pH was generally low between 4.76 and 5.22; other parameters studied included concentration of chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions, and the ionic conductivity, total hardness and total dissolved solids. The results of the study revealed that the levels of some air contaminants were not high enough to cause pollution in the zone. Nevertheless, Cl- was observed in the rain water which is believed to be the cause of the acid rain. South East (SE) trade wind easily carries and spreads this contaminant in the Niger Delta region. The evidence of damages caused by acid rain in the zone is conspicuously seen in rusting/damaged roofs and metals construction works and cement walls; but the major precursors of acid rain which are SO2 and NO3 were below the detectable limits of the instrument used.

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