Publisher: Covenant University

Optimization of Production Plan of Hebron Drinks Using Operational Research Technique

Agarana M. C, Oguntunde P. E, Hammed A. H
KEYWORDS: Linear programming, Simplex method, Optimization, Operational research, Production plan.


Manufacturing companies frequently face challenging operational problems. In such business environment, operations that compete for the same resources must be planned in a way that deadlines are met. Certain expertise in optimization is often required for successful solution of these problems. In this paper, we attempted to optimize the production plan of a manufacturing company - Hebron Drinks, by minimizing the Labour hours, Marching hours and Materials used in producing six different types of products. Linear programming technique was use to model the production plan of Hebron Drinks. The resulted model was solved using simplex method with the aid of computer software (LIP Solver 1.11.1 and 1.11.0). The optimal value obtained shows a reduction in the total cost of production for the period considered.

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