Publisher: Nigerian Society For Microbiology

Assessment of Biosurfactant Production Potentials of Hydrocarbon Utilizing Bacterial Species isolated From Petroleum Hydrocarbon Polluted Sites

Onugbolu, C. D., Adieze, I. E.
KEYWORDS: Biosurfactant, Contaminated sites, Hydrocarbon utilizers.


Biosurfactant production potentials of hydrocarbon utilizing bacterial species isolated from petroleum hydrocarbon polluted environments were assessed. Twelve isolates were obtained from oil polluted environments (three soil samples and two water samples), these were assayed for biosurfactant production. The isolates were identified as Micrococcus sp.C1, Staphylococcus sp.C2, Acinetobactersp.D1, Staphylococcus sp. D2, Corynebacteria sp.E1, Bacillus sp.E2, Pseudomonas sp.F1, Bacillus sp.F2, Bacillus sp.F3, Micrococcus sp.G1, Pseudomonas sp.G2 and Pseudomonas sp.G3. The isolates were screened for blood haemolysis potential, and for biosurfactant production using drop collapse test and oil displacement test. Emulsification activities of crude biosurfactants from isolates were also determined. From the test results obtained, the isolates produced biosurfactants to varying degree, with the highest production from Bacillus sp.F3, Pseudomonas sp.G2 and Pseudomonas sp.G3. These isolates can be harnessed in the cleanup of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted media.

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