Publisher: The Augustinian Institute

Industrial Revolution: Policies, Structures and Industrial Design In Nigeria

Emmanuel Uchenna Kanu
KEYWORDS: Industrial Revolution, Industrial Design, Economic Development, Nigeria, Industrialization.


Changes in our modern world have continued to be revolutionary across various aspects of human endeavours, with huge economic benefits. Developed countries champion the course of these transformational changes, while newly industrialized countries strive to make meaningful contribution to the trends as underdeveloped countries battle with issues of development especially industrial. This paper explored industrial revolution on the global scale and considered the policies, structures and industrial design outcomes that have stalled the roadmap to industrialization in Nigeria despite the many development plans, beginning with the First Development Plan of 1962 to Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan, 2014, and establishes that industrial design is a strategic tool for economic growth that has taken root in developed countries as both a professional area of practice and study and should be incorporated into Nigeria‚Äüs economic development plans.

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