Publisher: University of Calabar

Sports Participation and Socio-Personality Development of Students In Senior Secondary Schools In Ikom Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria

Edim, M. E., Odok, E. A.
KEYWORDS: Sports participation, socio-personality, development


The study investigated the effect of sports participation on the socio- personality development of students in secondary schools in Central Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose of this study, a hypothesis was formulated to guide the study. Survey research design was adopted for the study. A sample of five hundred (500) respondents was randomly selected. The selection was done through the simple random sampling technique. The questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The reliability estimate of the instrument was established at 0.86 level of significance through Cronbach Alpha reliability method. Independent t-test analysis was employed to test the hypothesis under study. The hypothesis was tested at .05 level of significance.The result of the analysis revealed that, there is a significant difference in the socio-personality development of secondary school students with high and low participation in sports. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that students should endeavour to take home the crusade of sports participation to further foster their interpersonal relationship with others around their neighbourhood and community. Again, Physical Education teachers who are the custodians of sports in these schools should make sure that every student takes active part in sports during training sessions, leisure or recreation and most importantly during their inter house competitions.

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