Publisher: Obafemi Awolowo University

Nigerianisms In The English Language Usage By Selected Pentecostal Preachers In Southwestern Nigeria

Moses Adebayo Aremu, Emmanuel Alayande
KEYWORDS: Nigerian English (NigE), nigerianisms, Pentecostal preachers, pragmatics, politeness principles,


The author describes features of Nigerianism in the English language usage by Pentecostal preachers in Southwestern Nigeria, using pragmatic frameworks of ‘context’ and ‘politeness principles’. The description is based on participant observation. Sermons of selected Pentecostal preachers are recorded from live telecast and the radio and transcribed. The findings reveal that the preachers use ‘tact’ in the delivery of their messages and also employ indirect speech acts to arrest the mind of their intended audience. The findings also show that the language of the preachers is characterised by the use of coinages, lexical borrowing, acronyms, Pidgin English, honorifics, metaphor, euphemisms and first language interference. Some of these can be characterised as features of Nigerian English (NigE) attributable to the socio-cultural knowledge of participants, the religious register and the contact of English with other languages in a multilingual society.

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