Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research Enugu

Effect of Total Quality Management On The Performance of Brewery Industry In Nigeria: An Empirical Study of Selected Breweries In Lagos State, Nigeria

Omogbiya O. Shulammite, Addah, Grace O.
KEYWORDS: Effect: Total Quality; management; performance; brewery industry


 This study was carried out to investigate the impact of total quality management on performance of Brewery industry in Nigeria: An empirical study of selected breweries in Lagos State, Nigeria TQM is a management approach which aims at incorporating awareness of quality in organizational process. A set of structured questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection and administered to respondents of the Brewery’s industries understudy randomly selected using Yaro Yemane formula. Applying this formula, the sample size form a population of 70 is 60 respondents at 95% confidence level. Data analysis was made and the hypotheses formulated were tested using Krustal Wallis one-way analysis of variance by rank. The findings revealed that positive and significant relationship exists between the application of total quality management in increasing organizational return on investment, lowering the level of product wastage and increases in customer satisfaction. It was concluded that adopting and implementing TQM principles enhanced the organizations overall performance. The study, however, recommended the training of employees in building of total quality management philosophy, continuous TQM education to be undertaken at all levels, commitment of total quality management to be backed by action and a host of others for effective total quality management in the Brewery industry in Nigeria. 

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