Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research Enugu

Effective Strategic Financial Management As A Veritable Tool In Enhancing Business Growth: A Survey of Selected Firms In Delta State

Orife Cathrine
KEYWORDS: Effective Strategic; Financial Management; Business Growth Strategic


This study examines effective financial management as a veritable tool for organizational success. Five commercial banks in Warri Delta State were chosen for this study, comprising 40 respondents from each bank totaling 200 respondents. The major research instruments were questionnaire and personal interview, while the data collected were analyzed using the simple percentage and chisquare test to test the hypotheses. The results indicated among others that there is significant relationship between effective financial management with investments and dividend decisions. To this end, the study recommended adequate financial planning, sufficient funds to meet financial obligations, efficient management of assets, capital budgeting appraisal methods, funds flow and
cash flow analysis for effective financial management in organizations.

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