Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research Enugu

Repositioning The Nigerian Youths For Self Employment: A Prognosis

Emma Chukwuemeka, Ekwochi Eucharia
KEYWORDS: Youth, career development, unemployment.self employment.


This paper is a broad overview of youth unemployment in Nigeria and how to reposition them for selfemployment In discussing the sub- topics therein, Nigeria peculiarities were taken into consideration. The discourse captured salient areas like youth unemployment, youth education, business idea generation; alternatives to government paid jobs among others were exhaustively discussed. The paper argues that a critical evaluation of Nigerian educational system is needed to ensure that graduates do not rely on while collar jobs or only jobs provided by Government. The type of education being proposed is that which will be able to inculcate in the youths the skills needed to be self reliant; education that will instill into the minds of its graduates the ability to forecast the business World and be able to discern what the need of the society would be and work towards it. The discourse also suggested the formulation and implementation of public policy that would anchor on effective electricity generation. Hitherto, instability in the business sector is engendered by epileptic electricity supply.Stability in electricity generation would readily create enabling environment needed for business to thrive in Nigeria.

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