Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Emergency Rule: A Panacea For Peace and Conflict Resolution In Nigeria

Fatile, Jacob Olufemi, Ph.d., Ejalonibu, Ganiyu Layi
KEYWORDS: Emergency rule, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Peace, Crises.


A state of emergency is traditionally invoked in order to justify a departure from or stretching of the rule of law, here the existence of an emergency is a prerequisite to invoking the rule of law at all. This paper examines the potency of a ‘state of emergency’ in peace and conflict resolution in Nigeria. Thus, the main concern of the paper was to interrogate how far a state of exception can be explored in times of emergency situations to engender peace in the polity. From a theoretical viewpoint, the paper argues that a state of emergency is located within the fiduciary function of a state. Fundamentally, the nature and the function of the state of emergency or ‘state of exception’ is to guarantee peace, security and equal freedom for everybody. The paper concludes by stating
clearly that the conflict scenario portends negatively for the sustenance of national security in Nigeria. The paper recommends that emergency rule should be managed by the authorities in manners that will facilitate the realization of the goals of peace building and conflict resolution. Also, it suggests a strategic paradigm shift from anti-terrorism to counter-terrorism as a strategy for containing the crisis.

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