Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Ethno-Religious Crisis and Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria: issues, Challenges and The Way Forward

Alegbeleye, Godwin Ilesanmi
KEYWORDS: Ethnicity, Religion, Crisis, Boko Haram, Economy.


Over the years ethno-religious crises has been a fundamental issue that has posed security challenges in Nigeria. The recent security challenges in the country are the torrent and tumultuous spate of bombing, maiming, killing and kidnapping by Boko Haram and other insurgents that have threatened the national unity and security. The paper examines the effect of ethno-religious crises on socio-economic development in Nigeria. The plural society approach was used to theorize the study. The political leaders have the responsibility to forestall this ominous trend by having the political will to deliver the dividend of democracy by fulfilling their social contract with the people. The study recommends that while government at all levels take proactive steps to curbing the state of insecurity in the country, they should improve the socioeconomic wellbeing of the people.

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