Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

The Place of Local Government In The Nigerian Federal Framework Authority Or Servitude

Osakede Kehinde Ohiole, Ijimakinwa Samuel Ojo
KEYWORDS: local government, autonomy, federal, state and servitude


This paper examines the place of local government in the Nigerian federal framework autonomy or servitude. It has established that the system is currently entwined between federal and state powers that have left it with little or no decisional power autonomy. The paper revealed that no local self-government or decisional autonomy. Bereft of continual interference by the superior government, it is presently constituted is not worthy of the name. The paper concluded that there is need to open up local governments for more modern challenges. It should be given the opportunity to handle social policies that have failed or are difficult to start up at the federal level.

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