Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Effective Talent Management: Key To Organisational Success

Okonkwo, Rita Ifeoma, Ndubusi-okolo Purity, Chidiebere, Okoye-nebo
KEYWORDS: Talent Management, Organization Success, Global Talent Management


Today's global economy has created a more complex and dynamic business environment in which most organizations must learn to compete effectively to achieve success and sustainable growth. Workforces around the world have become larger, increasingly diverse, more educated, and more mobile. There is considerable evidence that organizations worldwide face formidable talent challenges. The ability to attract, develop, and retain a needed supply of critical talent is a challenge facing all organizations. The study examines the effect of talent management on organizational success. It adopts human capital theory. In this article we review different academic work on talent management. The study highlights the restraining factors influencing the practice of talent management, global talent management and talent development process. In conclusion effective talent management is the key for organizations success and sustainable growth as it allows organizations to retain top talent while increasing productivity. It was recommended that to make sure employees with the right skills stick with the organizations for long enough. It is important that talent management system should be integrated across all aspects of human resource management.

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