Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

An Evaluation of Social Services Delivered By Local Governments In Nigeria: A Study of Ebonyi State Local Governments Administration (1996-2012)

Nwoba, M.o.e (ph.d)
KEYWORDS: Local Government, Social Services, Local Administration, Development Administration, Administrative System, Centralization, Political And Economic Development


For quite some time, the local government has been grappling with the issues of social services delivering and development of the local population. Inspite of the efforts made so far to tackle the issue of social service delivery, its inadequacy is still visible among the people. This paper examines the extent to which local governments are empowered to deliver the required social services, determines how the state of infrastructure has affected the delivery of required social services. The study covered Ebonyi State local governments. However six (6) local governments’ areas were systematically selected from the three senatorial zones. The theory of expenditure limitation was adopted as the theoretical framework of analysis. One way analysis of variance and chi-square was adopted to give scientifically verifiable answer to the questions and objectives of the research. The findings revealed that there is variation in the empowerment of local governments for the provision of social services, and that inadequate infrastructural related services negatively militate against the delivery of the required social services. As a result the people at the local governments cannot contribute meaningfully to the economic growth and development of the local government areas. The study therefore recommended that social services presently rendered should be renewed in such a way that the needs of the entire citizenry be adequately catered by making sure that enough resources is provided for the provision of the required social services. Also there is need for the federal government. State governments and non-governmental organization to be deeply involved in the provision of social services in the local government areas.  

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