Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Librarian’S Contribution In The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Anyalebechi Linda
KEYWORDS: Immuno, virus, epidemic, stigma, prevention, remedy.


HIV/AIDS epidemic is one of the most crucial public health problems currently affecting the world, more especially the sub Sahara Africa which Nigeria is included. It is an unprecedented threat to the country’s development as it affects mostly the people at the working age, while women and children even at the embryonic stage of pregnancy, the unborn child may be infected with these virus which does not have any pertinent cure yet. Hence, the stigma and discrimination which follow the victims affected them and their families. Therefore, the government, international agencies, civil society organisations and the non-governmental organisations are fighting tirelessly to create awareness to the people as a means of preventing the spread of the virus. Thus, the librarian as an information scientist did not want to live any stone unturned on the fight against the disease. 

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