Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Corruption In The Imo State Local Government System; A Case of Njaba Local Government Area, 2006-2010

Bar. (mrs.) Adeline Idike. A, Eme, Okechukwu I., Paul, Chima James
KEYWORDS: Corruption, Local Government, Democratic Governance, Imo State, Legislative-Executive relations, accountability


It is remarkable to appreciate how much or little socio-economic conditions of people have been transformed in a corrupt but civil society like Nigeria. With huge resource expansion, unparalleled and unprecedented corrupt practices have been the bane of democratic governance which the people of Nigeria yearn for. Thus, corruption has made things very stressful and difficult and the reality of good governance a mirage. Dramatic abuse of office, injustice, embezzlement, nepotism, inequality and lack of basic needs of the people have been the order of the day as a result of corruption that has plagued the Nigerian governance structure and system. This work thus attempts to look at Corruption and Democratic Governance in Nigeria with Njaba Local Government Area of Imo state as our case study from years 2006-2010. It also examines the causes of corruption, the typology and further recommends ways of fighting the scourge to enhance democratic governance in the local government.

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