Publisher: Centre For Social Science Research, Enugu

Management Information System As A Veritable Tool For A Sustainable Business Development and Growth: A Survey of Selected Firms In Delta State

Ijeh, Matthew Chiedu
KEYWORDS: Management, Information, System, Veritable tool, Business, Development


The paper aims at examining management information system as a veritable tool for a sustainable business development and growth: A survey of selected commercial banks in Warri, Delta State. The study spotlighted the objectives, advantages of management information system and information required by business organizations. The characteristics of an effective management information systems and the reasons why management information fail in organization system were also x-rayed. The primary data was obtained through structured questionnaire administered on 80 (eighty) senior staff of ten commercial banks in Warri, Delta State and all were retrieved while the secondary data was gotten from related textbooks. Data analysis was made using frequency counts and simple percentage tables and the hypotheses were tested using chi-square (X2 ) statistical technique. The results showed a significant relationship between effective management information system, decision making and control. The study concludes that efficient management information system is a sine-quanon for business development and growth and recommends adequate training of employees, evaluation and controlling the system for an effective management information system in organizations.  

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