Publisher: University of Calabar

Cultural Globalization and The Place of Africa In Cultural Exchange

Kidzu T. Oweh, Ncha G. Bubu
KEYWORDS: Globalisation, Cultural globalisation, Africa, Cultural exchange, Philosophical implications.


This work is an attempt atevaluating the concept ofCultural Globalization and Africa s place in Cultural Exchange. Exploring Cultural Globalization, it forecasts some philosophically global implicationsforAfrica's cultural values and exchange. Globalization carries meaningful ideas on its libratory philosophy ofbeing utilitarian in practice viz; "building aone world system of society and government conceived beyond nation-states or country lines "such that the common good is achieved when all territorial geographies, associated cultures, economic, politics and identities within the geographical space co exist and interrelate in a complex fashion as one. Cultural globalization propagates a "one" and "an indivisible" culture ofhumankind brought to bear by some complex integration of, and by accelerated elimination of the anachronism oflocal cultures of both the unified and manifold humanity. It allows roomfor the obliteration ofvarious cultures while imposing some other the obliterated. What is ofparamount concern in culturalglobalization to Africa is not Just the preservation ofthe essences oftheir cultures but contending for the destinies oftheir cultures since attributes ofcultures do quaint. What goes on now in the process ofculturally globalising the earth appears to be a game ofmany sides involving many teams but continually denoting a eurocentric voice and spirit in a diversifiedform and the exaltation ofthe West. The idea ofworld history arouses awareness how in globalising the world culturally through eurocentric ideas, the theme ofsaving Europe and the West remains central, and typical, notwithstanding our pretense to appraise globalization in some quarters, granted its acquired new motifs. Should the world get back to its original position with one culture ruled by "a grouped called Europe and America, surmises the fact that we are heading further to afuture ofgreat uncertainty, great anxiety and extreme imposition on Africa stillstruggling to advance scientifically and technologically, granted the antics in a culturally capitalistic globalization via cultural exchange concerns.

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